Clean Water Initiative Rescues Village: Learn How

Villagers of Vusama in Nadroga now enjoy access to clean, safe water, thanks to efforts by Clean Healthy Water Fiji (CHW), the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, and the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF).

During the commissioning of the Sustainable Organic Filtration System, Chief Health Inspector Luke Vonotabua acknowledged the organizations involved and highlighted the hardships faced by the people of Vusama.

“For some time, villagers had to collect water from the main road and water trucks, which were inaccessible to those without vehicles, as the distance between the main road and the village is seven kilometers,” Mr Vonotabua explained.

Many villagers consumed unsafe water due to these restrictions.

Mr Vonotabua also pointed out the health and sanitation issues resulting from the lack of access to clean water.

The Ministry of Health eventually declared the borehole in Vusama Village unsafe and contaminated following numerous typhoid and diarrhoea cases reported at the nearby Sigatoka Hospital.

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