Court Warns Lawyers to Comply

Lawyers representing People’s Alliance Party (PAP) General Secretary Usaia Pita Waqatairewa and his predecessor Sila Rokosawa Balawa have been cautioned to adhere to strict court-ordered deadlines.

Suva lawyer Nemani Tuifagalele appeared on behalf of Mr. Waqatairewa, while Gavin O’Driscoll represented Mr. Balawa.

Acting Master of the High Court, Liyanage Wickramasekara, presided over the matter and emphasized the importance of meeting the specified deadlines for filing responses.

The case revolves around the procedural process declaration followed by the PAP and Mr. Waqatairewa in addressing Mr. Balawa’s grievance and request for redress, in accordance with Section 27.8 of the PAP Constitution, the Political Parties Act, and the Fijian Constitution.

During the proceedings, Mr. Tuifagalele submitted an application to strike out the case. However, Acting Master Wickramasekara granted Mr. O’Driscoll 14 days to file a response. Mr. Tuifagalele will then have 14 days to counter Mr. O’Driscoll’s response.

Both lawyers were warned of a $1000 fine if they failed to adhere to these timelines.

The case is scheduled for a compliance check on September 5.

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