Boxer, Apisai Domolailai Bavai, Ready to Shine in the Ring

Apisai Domolailai Bavai is set to make his debut in the Cruiser Weight division at the Blue Water Boxing promotion on August 31 at Lawaqa Park in Sigatoka. The 27-year-old from Vunisinu, Rewa, with maternal ties to Naqia, Wanibuka in Tailevu, views boxing not just as a passion but as a dream he is determined to achieve.

Bavai started his boxing journey in 2016 after completing university. He found a deep passion for the sport, describing it as an escape that allows him to forget everything else and focus on pushing himself to be better every day. “Boxing is like a quiet place where I can focus on my inner self,” Bavai shared.

He draws immense motivation from his family’s struggles and his personal challenges, such as balancing training with caring for his two young daughters. “My family’s struggles to support me have been a big motivation,” he said. Despite sometimes missing training sessions, Bavai always ensures he catches up and keeps pushing forward. Finances can be a challenge for training equipment, but he manages with what he has.

Bavai aims to impress in the amateur division at the Lawaqa games, hoping to catch the eye of a promoter. He is currently awaiting confirmation of his opponent but is prepared and ready to showcase his skills, focusing on discipline, timing, and movement in the ring.

He draws inspiration from boxers like Joshua Anthony and Dimitri Bivol, who embody hard work, humility, and respect for their opponents. Bavai’s goal is to be internationally recognized and make a significant impact in the sport. Despite the time constraints, he is committed to chasing his dreams and reaching new heights.

Bavai expressed his gratitude, saying, “I want to thank the almighty for giving me the strength, my coach Osea Nanovu for his support, my family and friends for always being there for me, and my nephew in Australia for the support.”

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