Continued Flood Alert Notice

Flood Alert Still in Effect in Various Parts of Fiji

The flood alert issued by the Fiji Meteorological Service (FMS) continues to stay in force. Certain low-lying areas and small streams in Fiji are advised to be on high alert due to the continuous heavy rain.

Serious Conditions Prompts Warnings for Certain Regions

The weather unit identified a few specific regions that continue to stay under the flood warning, including parts of the country that are near the Nadi River, the Wainibuka River and the Rakiraki River. These regions are expected to face rising water levels, which could potentially pose a danger to local residents.

Update on Low-Pressure System Causing Heavy Rain

The FMS announced that a low-pressure system drifting towards the northwest of the Fiji Group is responsible for the heavy rain experienced across the country. While the adverse weather condition is gradually moving, it continues to pour significant amounts of rain across Fiji, causing major water level increases in several rivers and low-lying regions.

Current Weather Conditions to Persist

According to predictions by the FMS, the weather conditions instigating this significant rainfall show no signs of letting up. Residents of Fiji, especially those in flood-prone regions, are advised to stay prepared for possible flooding. The FMS continues to closely monitor the situation and is providing regular updates about the potentially hazardous situation to ensure public safety.

Public Urged to Stay Cautious

The public is urged to keep abreast of the weather updates and take all necessary precautions to ensure safety during these adverse conditions. The FMS particularly urges individuals living near rivers, creeks, and in low-lying areas to stay alert due to the escalating flood threat. The FMS assures that it will continue to provide updates to ensure that the public is adequately informed about any changes in the weather patterns.


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