Cabinet Receives Job Evaluation Exercise from FCS

Fiji Corrections Service Proposes Job Evaluation Exercise to Cabinet

The Fiji Corrections Service (FCS) has recently submitted a job evaluation exercise to the Cabinet. This important step is aimed to revamp and improve the remunerations in the service, meeting international standards.

Addressing Scales of Payment

The Commissioner of the FCS, Commander Francis Kean, has made known that the aim of the job evaluation exercise is to address the disparity in the scale of payment for Correction Officers. He suggested that their pay ranges compared unfavorably with those of their colleagues in the Fiji Police and Military forces. This has been a cause for concern as the payment scale does not reflect the risk that the FCS officials undergo in their daily jobs.

An Inclusive Action Plan

Commander Kean also confirmed that the function and ranks of the Correction Officers were thoroughly assessed in the devised action plan. Additionally, the proposed plan is all inclusive, encapsulating the salary scales for the correctional workers, officers, senior management, and civilian staff. Stressing the need for balance, Kean said, “For our proposed salary increase we have to make our submission and that would be across the scales because we cannot just increase one rank and not the other.”

Emphasizing International Benchmarking

The FCS’ submission to the cabinet takes reference from the international standards. The aim is to uplift the morale of the service officers, ensuring fairness and equality among staff. On top of this, it aims to improve public service delivery and performance, correlating it with the FCS’s mission and vision.

As a final point, the FCS’ pending job evaluation exercise has reached the Cabinet for approval. This step has been taken with the objective of meeting international standards, to provide justice and equal opportunities for the hard-working correction officers and civilian staff of the FCS. This move will not only improve the existing conditions but also foster trust and loyalty amongst the officers, thereby enhancing the overall operations within the department.


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