Young Boy Suffers Electrocution

Young Boy in Fiji Tragically Electrocuted

In a tragic incident in Fiji, a young boy sadly lost his life due to electrocution. The distressing event, leaving the local community in shock, occurred in Nadi, one of the major cities in Fiji.

Parents’ Desperate Attempt To Save Their Son

The boy’s bereaved parents performed CPR in a desperate attempt to save him, but all their efforts turned out in vain. The boy was rushed to hospital; however, despite the best efforts of medical staff, he succumbed to the severe injuries inflicted upon him by the electric shock.

Fiji Police Investigating

The Fiji Police Force has confirmed they have launched a full investigation into this tragic incident. Taking the seriousness of the matter into account, the officials have urged everyone in the community to be extremely careful with any electricity-related matters. It’s important to remember safety precautions such as ensuring that wiring is secure and safe, and to keep children away from potential hazards.

Raising Awareness About Electrical Safety

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder about the importance of electrical safety, especially involving children. It is advisable to teach children about the potential risks associated with electricity to prevent accidents from happening in the future. Parents and guardians should take adequate measures to ensure their homes are safe and that children are educated about the dangers of electricity.

Community Mourning

The Nadi community and people from across Fiji are mourning the loss of a young life. In times of such profound sadness and grief, it’s integral to support each other and lean on one another for emotional healing. Together, the community is coming together to remember the young boy and offer condolences to his grieving family.


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