Unauthorized Cigarettes and Gas Confiscated from Fishing Boat

Fiji Customs Authorities Seize Undeclared Cigarettes and Gas from Fishing Vessel

Fiji’s customs officials have confiscated undeclared goods including cigarettes and gas onboard a foreign fishing vessel. The discovery was made at one of the nation’s ports, according to a statement issued by the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS).

Unprecedented Find Onboard Fishing Vessel

The FRCS statement revealed that undocumented cigarettes and gas were discovered on a fishing vessel that had travelled to Fiji’s waters. Although the nationality of the vessel was not disclosed, the findings are a first of their kind according to the FRCS. Consequently, officials are taking measures to ensure such incidents do not reoccur.

Contraband Seized Under Customs Regulations

The undeclared goods were seized under Fiji’s customs legislation, specifically Section 137 (1) (d) of the Customs Act 1986. This Section empowers officers to forfeit illegally procured or undeclared goods. The caught merchandise was credited as being great work by the FRCS enforcement teams, according to the acting Chief Executive Officer of FRCS, Fane Vave.

In addition to this, Vave mentioned that FRCS is determined to continually protect Fiji’s borders from unreported and prohibited imports while maintaining the utmost standards of trade facilitation. She further affirmed that appropriate action will be taken after a thorough investigation has been conducted.

Determined Safeguarding of Fiji’s Borders

The FRCS reiterated dedication towards diligently protecting Fiji’s territorial bounds. The agency is steadfast in ensuring the adherence to customs regulations and the prevention of illegal goods infiltrating Fiji’s commercial trade sector. This latest seizure of undeclared goods reaffirms their commitment towards these goals.

Fane Vave, acting CEO of FRCS, applauded the commitment and dedication of the enforcement teams, while emphasising the importance of vigilance in guarding Fiji’s borders against illegal activities. Vave further stressed the agency’s commitment to deterring prohibited imports while facilitating trade.

Through continuous reinforcement of customs regulations, the FRCS strives to prevent the smuggling of illicit goods in and out of Fiji, thus maintaining local and international trade standards, and most importantly, safeguarding the nation’s prosperity and security.

Source: https://www.fijitimes.com.fj/undeclared-cigarettes-gas-seized-from-fishing-vessel/

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