“Troubling Concerns Unveiled: Fiji’s Drug Crisis”

The drug situation in Fiji has overwhelmed us, says Opposition Member of Parliament and former police commissioner Ioane Naivalurua. He questioned whether the police and government efforts are adequate for tackling the crisis.

Naivalurua suggested the creation of a joint parliamentary committee to monitor the implementation and progress of the National Narcotics Counter Strategy. Minister for Home Affairs Pio Tikoduadua endorsed this suggestion, calling the issue important and emotional.

Tikoduadua stressed the need for external help and emphasized the government’s commitment to eradicating illicit drugs to ensure a safer environment for Fijians. Naivalurua acknowledged the efforts of Tikoduadua and the Home Ministry in establishing the narcotics bureau but criticized the continued availability of drugs on the streets. He questioned if current efforts were sufficient to combat the crisis and whether the strategies in place would effectively disrupt drug flow and usage.

Naivalurua also raised concerns about whether the strategy sends a strong signal to drug syndicates and fosters a unified national effort to fight the drug problem, ultimately leading to a safer and more stable Fiji. He stressed that the battle against drugs requires a vigorous and immediate response, rather than a bureaucratic approach, with proactive and precise actions.

In response, Tikoduadua reiterated his support for the proposed parliamentary committee and shared his personal commitment to addressing the drug issue. He called for national help and assured that measures are being taken to tackle the crisis passionately and effectively.

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