“Sustainability Recognition through Green Star Awards”

Announcement of the Green Star Awards Geared Towards Encouraging Sustainability

In a bid to acknowledge and encourage the efforts made towards sustainable development, the Green Star Awards have been announced. The awards aim to identify and appreciate outstanding contributions towards sustainability in the prescribed sectors.

Recognising Sustainable Achievements in Various Aspects

The Green Star Awards is not a single award but a set of accolades recognising various types of sustainable contributions. The sectors range from agriculture, manufacturing and conservation, to sports, arts, culture and tourism. These awards transcend different verticals to appreciate those who are fostering remarkable efficient use of resources and contributing to long-term sustainability.

Partnership for the Awards

The organising of the Green Star Awards involves collaboration between the University of the South Pacific (USP), the New Zealand High Commission, as well as the British High Commission. The agenda is to promote an eco-friendly mindset among the local communities, tying it into the broader strategy of sustainable development.

Engagement and Enhancement of Local Communities

By recognising and rewarding the meritorious contributions towards an eco-friendly environment, the Green Star Awards intends to engage local communities in these sustainable practices. The awards aim to encourage individuals, communities, and organisations to take the initiative in implementing sustainable practices and to create an environment that is both productive and sustainable.

Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals

The Awards align directly with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly those focused on responsible consumption and production, climate action, and conserving and sustainably using marine resources. By aiding and recognising efforts towards these targets, the Awards contribute an integral role in the achievement of these global goals.

The Importance of Recognising Sustainability Efforts

Recognising the efforts made towards sustainable practices is paramount in encouraging more individuals, communities, and organisations to strive towards sustainability. Awards like the Green Star Awards provide the much-needed acknowledgement and incentive to those who have made noteworthy efforts in the field of sustainability. This can serve as a catalyst to encourage more such initiatives and to ensure that sustainability isn’t just a fleeting trend, but a long-term lifestyle change.

Source: https://www.fijitimes.com.fj/green-star-awards-to-recognise-sustainability/

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