Staying Fit and Strong: A Man’s Inspiring Journey

As modernity and change impact people’s lifestyles, both physical and mental health can be seriously affected. However, choosing healthy habits can lead to a longer, happier life with a reduced risk of chronic illnesses.

Susen Prasad, 71, is a strong advocate for maintaining health and fitness through simple routines and avoiding substance abuse. Prasad believes that walking is the best and easiest way to keep the heart healthy and revitalize the body.

“For me, it is an everyday routine to walk in the morning,” he said. “Morning walks are special because you get to embrace all the greenery, enjoy fresh air, and maintain a fresh perspective throughout the day.”

Prasad is particularly concerned about the impact of hard drugs on Fiji’s youth. He advises young people to avoid destructive habits and to be aware of the dangers of peer pressure.

“Young people should think about their future,” he said. “We often hear about people being caught up in drugs, an issue that is severely affecting our country. It has spread to schools and is harming our students.”

He emphasized that young people must look after themselves and their families and avoid engaging in the illicit drug trade.

Recalling his upbringing, Prasad shared that he grew up on Golf Link Road in Lautoka and enjoyed the best of times with his family. “I had six brothers; two have passed away, and now only four of us remain.”

After studying up to Class 4, Prasad undertook menial jobs. Despite challenges, his childhood was filled with fun activities like chasing after livestock, playing with neighborhood friends, and doing house chores.

“I was around 17 or 18 years old when I joined the workforce, and over the years, I did different kinds of jobs,” he said. “I’ve worked as a plumber, carpenter, gardener, and laborer.”

Following his father’s death, Prasad took up a position at the Fiji Sugar Corporation, where he worked for many years. “I got married in 1984 and have three wonderful children,” he said. “With whatever time I have left in this world, I want to enjoy and live a happy life.”

Prasad’s favorite pastimes include fishing trips with friends and tending to his vegetable garden. He lives with his family along the Viseisei bypass road, a few kilometers outside Lautoka City.

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