Sector to Receive $1.4m Investment from Ministry

Fiji’s Ministry of Forestry Pledges FJD 1.4 Million Investment in Forest Sector

In an attempt to stimulate growth and stimulate the local economy, the Fijian Ministry of Forestry has decided to invest FJD 1.4 million in the country’s forest sector.

Supporting the Timber Industry and Local Communities

This significant investment aligns with the Ministry’s mission to further develop the timber industry, forest preservation, and reforestation efforts. Pita Edwards, the Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Forestry, highlighted the potential benefits that local communities could gain from this investment. He explained that the budget allocated will contribute to various forest activities, including harvesting, reforestation, and the preservation of forest resources.

Efforts Towards Sustainable Development

Edwards reiterated that transforming the forestry sector is vital for sustainable development in Fiji. This is part of the Ministry’s concerted efforts to meet global standards and goals, particularly the UN Sustainable Development Goals. With renewed attention on preserving and strengthening forest resources, Fiji is showing its dedication to protecting the environment amidst development challenges.

A Promising Future for Fiji’s Forestry Sector

The allocated budget will also be invested in modern forestry equipment, ensuring that forestry operations are efficient and environmentally friendly. This move promises a brighter future for Fiji’s forestry sector, positioning it as a significant contributor to the country’s economic growth.

Edwards expressed his anticipation, stating that these efforts will not only stimulate economic growth but will also enhance environmental sustainability, a critical aspect of Fiji’s development agenda. This initiative goes hand in hand with the government’s aim to create a ‘green’ economy in Fiji and strengthen support for this crucial sector.

Fiji’s dedication to investing in sustainable forestry portrays commitment to environmental stewardship and a vision for a flourishing forestry sector that benefits the country’s economy and its people.


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