Revolutionizing Rugby Ticket Sales in Fiji

The Fijian Drua is supporting Fiji Secondary Schools Southern Zone rugby by implementing an online ticketing platform to boost revenue. Rusiate Wadali, Southern Zone president, announced that the platform would be introduced at the finals scheduled for July 20 at the HFC Bank Stadium.

Biu Tadranu, Drua’s ticketing and membership manager, emphasized the benefits of the system, stating, “Based on our experience over the past two seasons, this platform can elevate the level of competition or events.” He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to assist the Fiji Secondary Schools Southern Zone, highlighting their numerous targets.

The Fijian Drua franchise used online ticketing during the Super Rugby Pacific season between February and June. “Drua launched all their ticket sales last year in December, so the system isn’t used for about six to seven months,” Tadranu explained. “Given this substantial investment, we saw an opportunity to help schools’ rugby during our off-season.”

This online ticketing system was also employed for the NRL pre-season match between Melbourne Storm and Newcastle Knights at Churchill Park in Lautoka on February 24. According to Tadranu, the platform is accessible to anyone with a smartphone and data, significantly expanding the potential fan base. He noted that students, family members, and alumni could easily buy tickets, enhancing reach both locally and internationally.

Fijians living abroad can assist their families by purchasing tickets through online apps like M-PAiSA. This feature enables overseas residents to buy tickets for their families back home with just a few clicks.

Tadranu outlined their targets, including major events like the Coke Games, Deans, and other Fiji rugby domestic competitions. He expressed excitement about the partnership and its potential impact. “Commercial support is crucial for any organization or sports team,” he said. “The online ticketing approach guarantees the progress of sports.”

Tadranu hopes to extend this online ticketing platform to other sports in the future.

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