Rethinking Social Welfare: Breaking News from Parliament

Minister for Women, Children and Social Protection, Lynda Tabuya, emphasized in Parliament yesterday that it is not solely the government’s responsibility to financially support social welfare recipients. Responding to criticisms regarding the insufficiency of social welfare allowances amidst rising living costs, Tabuya stated that the primary duty of financial support lies with families.

Reiterating her stance in the iTaukei language, she passionately declared that it is not the government’s job to fully cover the financial needs of the elderly, the physically unfit, and the impoverished. She stressed that this responsibility first and foremost falls on families, with the government providing supplementary assistance.

Tabuya highlighted that the government acknowledges the contributions of senior citizens, the vulnerable, children, and those with physical and mental impairments by offering support. However, for individuals who are truly in need and abandoned by their families, additional support is considered on a case-by-case basis.

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