Regional Presence Office to be Opened by IMO in Fiji

IMO Established Regional HQ in Fiji

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has founded a regional presence office in Fiji, intending to increase maritime safety and deter pollution.

An Expansion towards Pacific States

This decision marks an expansion by the IMO to the Pacific states, an area that was underserved by IMO resources in the past. This move will ensure that the Pacific states effectively implement IMO’s maritime safety and pollution prevention standards and regulations.

Supporting Pacific Islands in Compliance

The newly launched office will aid the Pacific islands in aligning with the international maritime safety and pollution regulations. The role of the office is not restricted to Fiji but will extend its services to other Pacific islands, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Collaboration with SPC

The IMO will work collaboratively with the Pacific Community (SPC), an international development organization. This organization will offer IMO ongoing support and work in unison to promote a safety-conscious and anti-pollution maritime sector throughout the Pacific region.

CHOICE Project for Sustainable Shipping

In addition, the office will oversee the implementation of the CHOICE (Clean, Healthy, Oceanic, Indigenous, Connected and Enduring) project, which is primarily geared towards sustainable shipping. The CHOICE project aims to empower Pacific Island nations in transitioning to sustainable shipping and green energy alternatives.

IMO’s Commitment to Pacific States

The opening of this regional office underscores IMO’s commitment to ensuring that all nations, regardless of their size or geographical location, are provided with the resources and support necessary to maintain maritime safety and prevent pollution.

Fiji Becomes the Regional Maritime Hub

Fiji’s capital city Suva, by hosting IMO’s regional presence will contribute significantly to making Fiji a regional maritime hub.


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