Protecting Fiji’s Coral Reefs: A Game-Changer Hub

A significant step towards safeguarding Fiji’s coral reefs was taken with the recent launch of the Fiji National Hub for Coral Reef Conservation (NHCRC). The launch was a collaborative effort by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

The new hub aims to protect Fiji’s coral reef systems, which cover 4550 square kilometers and are home to 1075 species of fish.

During the launch, Dr. Sivendra Michael, permanent secretary for Environment and Climate Change, emphasized the urgent need for coordinated and comprehensive action to protect these vulnerable ecosystems. “The NHCRC represents a dynamic ecosystem of collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing that will guide conservation decisions across all levels,” said Dr. Michael.

He explained that the hub will serve as a national coordination and advisory committee comprising experts, decision-makers, and community representatives. Dr. Michael also noted that the hub aligns with Fiji’s national strategies, including the National Adaptation Plan (NAP), National Ocean Policy (NOP) 2020-2030, and the National Biodiversity Strategy Action Plan (NBSAP) 2020-2025.

“The Fiji National Hub will play a crucial role in operationalizing these policies by facilitating knowledge exchange, building technical expertise, and supporting community-led adaptation initiatives. This hub is for all of Fiji, incorporating representatives from every sector: civil society organizations, NGOs, academia, the private sector, government bodies, local communities, indigenous groups, and our international partners,” he added.

The NHCRC will be positioned under the National Ocean Policy Steering Committee (NOPSC) and report to the National Climate Change Coordination Committee (NCCCC), ensuring seamless alignment with Fiji’s national sustainability and climate action goals. This integrated approach guarantees that the hub’s activities are directly relevant to Fiji’s broader development objectives.

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