Preparation Completed for 48th Fiji Bitter Marist 7s Event

Anticipation Heightens for Commencement of 48th Fiji Bitter Marist 7s

The stage has been prepped for the grand action that will take place at the 48th Marist 7s, prominently recognized as the “Fiji Bitter Marist 7s” and widely hailed as one of the most prominent sports events in Fiji. Sponsored by Fiji Bitter, this competition is expected to bring tremendous zest and enthusiasm, depicting Fiji’s commendable passion for rugby.

Eager Voyage of 64 teams towards the Trophy

64 eager and fully prepared teams will assemble in Suva for the forthcoming tournament, geared up to compete for the prestigious Fiji Bitter Marist 7s title. The ultimate goal to seize the highest anticipated trophy, known for its commendable prestige and significance, heightens the atmosphere of the tournament, breeding competition and excitement. The competitors will strive for supremacy during the two days of buoyant action on the 25th and 26th of March.

Eight teams compete in under-20 division

In addition to the passionate array of 64, the under-20 division will witness a fierce competition among eight teams who are readying themselves for the Marist 7s platform. The upcoming days of the competition promise to be packed with skillful performances that embody Fiji’s proud heritage within rugby.

Highlighting Indigenous Fijian Talent

The Fiji Bitter Marist 7s is a vital event that showcases indigenous Fijian talent to the world and aids in the development of budding Fijian Rugby stars. This event is more than a tournament; it is an avenue for promising sportspeople to demonstrate their rugby talents and aspiration to achieve superlative heights in this sport loved by the Fijian nation.

Intriguing Final Moments for Team Nadi Aviators

The excitement is even more gleaming in the camp of the reigning champions, Nadi Aviators. As the incumbent title holders, immense focus will be on their performance and how they will cope with the pressure built by the anticipation of whether they can defend their title successfully. Their challenges and journey in this tournament will be enticing to follow.

Vital Safety protocols to be Followed

The organizers of the Fiji Bitter Marist 7s are adhering strictly to the Ministry of Health COVID-19 protocols and guidelines. This step is crucial to ensure the safety of everyone involved and to enable an event infused with intense competition and spirit while prioritizing health and safety of all participants and attendees.

In the essence of this grand tournament, the Fiji Bitter Marist 7s is all set to provide an exhilarating sport carnival for the Fijian masses and the worldwide audience who are looking forward to this spectacle with admiration and excitement.


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