Our Squad is Experiencing Progress

Wes Naiqama Asserts Progressive Development of Rugby Team

Wes Naiqama, a vital influence on the Kaiviti Silktails, recently emphasized the progressive growth and improvement of the rugby team. Naiqama is confident in the team’s development process, saying that he has seen significant progression in performance, skills and potential of the team members.

Progression in Team Performance

Naiqama, the Kaiviti Silktails’ head coach, noted numerous indicators that propound the squad’s overall enhancement over time. He cites a notable increase in the player’s exposure to elite competitions, maturing professionalism, and key improvements in the on-pitch execution of strategy. The coach is pleased with the player’s application and the desire to carry out what has been taught in their training.

Training and its Impact

The impact of quality training is not lost on the coach. Naiqama understands the need for consistency in training, as it impacts the players’ performance in the game. He appreciates the importance of developing individual skills, which collectively contribute to the team’s success. Significant focus has been placed on refining the team’s skills to adapt to game changes, and Naiqama is satisfied with the improvements.

Players’ Potential and Growth

In discussing the player’s growth, Naiqama emphasized the importance of potential. He posits that each player’s unique prowess significantly contributes to the team’s victory. He further explained that the team’s continued progress is a process that must be endured by everyone, from the individual player to the collective team.

Embracing the Journey

Naiqama underlined that the path to victory is a collective journey that everyone must embrace. This involves putting in the challenging work and learning to win and lose as a unit. The head coach expressed his confidence in the team’s progress and is convinced that they are moving in the right direction for future endeavors.

The Kaiviti Silktails rugby team is proving that progressive development, quality training, and individual potential are the key components in building a winning squad. As they continue to embrace their journey, there is no doubt that the team’s future holds promising opportunities.

Source: https://www.fijitimes.com.fj/we-are-improving-as-a-squad-wes-naiqama/

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