“Osea Enlists Duo Ravouvou and Tuwai for 7s Training Squad”

Fiji Rugby Sevens Incorporates Duo For Training

The national Fiji Rugby Sevens has lifted its game by integrating an expert duo into their training team. Olympians Vatemo Ravouvou and Jerry Tuwai have joined the training squad, and the entire team stands to benefit from their dynamite prowess.

Vatemo Ravouvou and Jerry Tuwai as New Additions

Vatemo Ravouvou and Jerry Tuwai, the trailblazing Olympians, have responded positively to the call to join the national Fiji Rugby Sevens training team. Tuwai was included in the last week’s training program based on current national coach, Sayed-Khaiyum’s decision to enhance the team’s prospects. This advanced initiative intends to prepare the rugby sevens players for the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo.

The Sirius Sevens team had already celebrated the inclusion of Tuwai, and with juggernaut Vatemo Ravouvou’s involvement, it’s having a powerful impact on the squad.

Training Proceeds With the Dynamic Duo

The interchangeability between Ravouvou and Tuwai has been confirmed by Fijian National Rugby Sevens Coach, Osea Kolinisau, who appreciated their quick adaptability. The two are skillfully modifying their playing styles to influence team dynamics.

Ravouvou and Tuwai’s motivation is undeniably propelling the team forward with optimism as they take on new challenges. They offer a winning mentality that inspires the squad members to up their game, especially as they look forward to the Olympic preparations.

The current Fiji Sevens training squad appeals to the diverse strengths among its players. The integration of Ravouvou and Tuwai offers a valuable lift in the training dynamics, creating a competitive edge while reinforcing a unitary team spirit.

The Renewed Hope to an Olympic Victory

The duo’s involvement in Fiji Rugby Sevens training aims to steer the squad toward a likelihood of imitating the Olympic winning feat in Rio in 2016, should they secure a spot in the Tokyo games.

Ravouvou and Tuwai’s experience and leadership provide the required courage to confront the rigid challenges of international sevens rugby. This addition offers a possibility of a successful campaign in Tokyo.

The recent decisions to expand the 7s training squad introduce a fresh optimism into the team, considering the Olympics’ impending nature. The Fiji Rugby Sevens, together with their newest additions, seem ready to place their best foot forward.

Source: https://www.fijitimes.com.fj/osea-ropes-in-duo-ravouvou-tuwai-join-7s-training-squad/

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