Nine MP’s Urged to Stay True to Voters

Nine former FijiFirst MPs who have pledged their support for Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka will continue to represent the people who voted for them. In a recent interview, Mr. Rabuka emphasized the importance of these MPs promoting their beliefs in the interest of the people.

Mr. Rabuka confirmed that he met with the nine MPs on Sunday, describing it as a humbling experience. He noted that while they were strong supporters of the now de-registered party, it is crucial for them to continue representing their constituents.

“They should participate in the parliamentary debate and promote what they believe in within the interests of the people, collaborating with us and relevant ministers,” said Mr. Rabuka. He clarified that the MPs will continue to sit on the Opposition benches as Independents, without any formal agreement in place.

Mr. Rabuka also mentioned plans to discuss with the Speaker of the House, Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu, the possibility of providing a separate facility for these MPs if they are excluded from Opposition caucus meetings. He added that the other two coalition parties welcomed this idea, reassuring that no Coalition Cabinet ministers felt threatened by it.

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