Nine Independent MPs Back PM Rabuka Without Demands

Nine Independent Members of Parliament have pledged their support to Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka without making any demands for positions within Cabinet. The MPs met with Rabuka on Sunday afternoon.

One of the nine MPs, Mosese Bulitavu, stated they met the Prime Minister “with clean hands, no demands, just straight up declaring our support for Government.” Bulitavu further explained that, although he was in opposition, some Independent MPs approached him to express their desire to support the Government. They decided to be independent members supporting Rabuka.

“We are crossbenchers. We’re a third block in Parliament. You have the Government, the Opposition, and then you have the Opposition supporting the PM,” Bulitavu said. He mentioned that the rules regarding joining another political party are not clear and might require a court interpretation since it isn’t specified in the Constitution. For now, they will remain as the third block in Parliament.

Rabuka stated that if the nine MPs are not included in the opposition caucus meetings, a separate facility would be provided for them. Independent MP Aliki Bia added that they would be willing to assist the Government if Rabuka offered them opportunities.

Rabuka reassured that the support from the nine Independent MPs does not threaten the coalition government. He emphasized that the MPs would continue to participate in parliamentary debates and processes, advocating what they believe is in the people’s best interest.

There were no demands or agreements made between Rabuka and the Independent MPs. Rabuka indicated that a review of the 2013 Constitution could now be considered. “The coalition is as strong as it has always been,” Rabuka affirmed, adding that the leaders of the National Federation Party (NFP) and the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) welcomed the support from the Independent MPs.

SODELPA leader Aseri Radrodro expressed that they are happy with the coalition and its strength, while NFP leader Biman Prasad shared similar sentiments.

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