New Hardship Assistance Scheme Introduced for Private Students – Minister Announces Budget Details

The Coalition Government has launched a new Hardship Assistance Scheme to aid private students demonstrating good academic performance. Education Minister Aseri Radrodro, while addressing the 2024-2025 National Budget in Parliament, mentioned that this initiative has already commenced.

Radrodro announced that the eligibility requirement for the scheme would be lowered from a 65 percent to a 50 percent pass rate for students pursuing degree programs from Year two. The assistance will also be available to TVET students at the diploma level.

The minister stated that following the budget’s approval, the scheme would be accessible to applicants, providing immediate relief for private students.

Furthermore, Radrodro highlighted a $150.5 million allocation within the Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Service to support 9,940 continuing students and 10,830 new students.

He emphasized the Government’s belief in the importance of community and parental or guardian involvement in education. “This budget supports initiatives that encourage greater collaboration between schools, families, and communities, creating holistic support for our students,” Radrodro said.

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