New Era of Cultural Development Unveiled

On July 5, 1993, The Fiji Times reported on the government’s plans to establish a cultural center in Suva, as announced by then Culture Minister Ratu Jo Nacola. The minister emphasized that creating a national auditorium would demonstrate his ministry’s dedication to Fiji’s cultural development.

Speaking on July 3 at the opening of the Fiji Indian Cultural Centre’s cultural night, Sitaron ki Shaam, held at the Suva Civic Centre, Ratu Jo underscored the importance of bolstering the traditional cultures of Fiji’s various ethnic groups at a national level.

In addition to his role as Culture Minister, Ratu Jo also served as the minister for women, social welfare, and multi-ethnic affairs. He stressed the necessity of maintaining peace and political stability in Fiji, while highlighting the achievements of Fiji’s multi-ethnic community and encouraging continued unity for the nation’s progression and the well-being of future generations.

Ratu Jo stated that the unique aspects of Fiji’s multi-racial and multi-ethnic society, along with the longstanding need for cultural centers, are critical. He announced that the Indian Cultural Centre would open a new center in Ba on July 17.

He expressed his pleasure to be involved in the cultural development efforts and pledged ongoing support from the Department of Multi-Ethnic Affairs, offering grants and necessary advice to Fiji Indian Cultural Centres. Ratu Jo also pointed out the significance of music, poetry, dance, and language in understanding the deeper aspects of culture, hoping the department and cultural centers would address these needs.

The cultural night featured performances of Indian dances and songs by students of the Fiji Indian Cultural Centre, which, according to Ratu Jo, met high standards of quality.

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