Minister Praises Kalouniwai

Fijian Minister Acknowledges Kalouniwai’s Performance

Inoke Kubuabola, the Defence and National Security Minister of Fiji, recently praised the outstanding contributions of Acting RFMF Commander Rear Admiral Viliame Naupoto and Fiji’s Force Commander to the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) Zone, Brigadier General Kalouniwai.

Kalouniwai’s Milestones

Commending Brigadier General Kalouniwai, Minister Kubuabola highlighted his milestones in various UN missions. The Minister expressed satisfaction on his overall performance and the role he’s playing in maintaining international peace. He recognized Kalouniwai’s hard work and remarkable performance, which significantly contributes to the reputation of Fiji’s military forces.

Naupoto Praised for Dedication

The Minister also acknowledged the continuous dedication and commitment of Acting RFMF Commander Rear Admiral Naupoto. He recognized Naupoto’s efforts in fostering and supporting strong military relations between Fiji and other countries.

Military Relations with Other Nations

Both leaders have been instrumental in bolstering Fiji’s military relations with countries worldwide. They played a significant part in building and maintaining peace and stability, leading to an improved global image for Fiji’s Armed Forces.

Significance of Their Contributions

The commendable actions and contributions of Brigadier General Kalouniwai and Rear Admiral Naupoto are seen as significant in the accomplishment of Fiji’s military goals. By keeping peace, fostering international relations, and maintaining military operations, they undoubtedly contribute to the valor and reputation of Fiji’s Armed Forces. Their hard work and dedication is paving a smooth path for the country’s future military endeavors.