Master the Basics of Rugby Playing

Fundamental Rugby Plays Promoted by Fiji Rugby Union

In an effort to incorporate basic rugby skills within its teams, the Fiji Rugby Union (FRU) is emphasizing the essential understanding and application of fundamental rugby play. The FRU stresses the importance of mastering primary rugby skills for optimal performance on the field.

Improving Skills Development in Rugby

The FRU has highlighted that gratitude and respect for fundamental rugby skills are key components of a successful player. Ratu Ilaitia Tuisese, the General Manager of the High Performance Unit at the FRU, underlined this crucial point at a rugby workshop, urging participants to concentrate more on fundamental skills while playing.

Tuisese conveyed the deep seated need for emphasis on grassroots level rugby. He considers this the bedrock for achieving true potential in the sport. Expressing his views during a recent FRU development workshop, he emphasized that thorough understanding and application of basic rugby principles are prerequisites for a formidable rugby team.

FRU’s Strategy Guide

The rugby development initiatives of the FRU are focused on the principles of playing fundamental rugby. According to the FRU, young talent ought to understand that the rugby ball is the main weapon in the game and using it effectively is one of the primary skills necessary for prominence.

Tuisese expressed his belief that the stature of Fiji Rugby could be elevated if players established a better connection with the core principles of the sport. The FRU, with its development initiatives, plans to instil these fundamental principles in young and upcoming rugby players.

Executing proper tackles, comprehension of the laws, and maintaining discipline on the field were among key skills highlighted during the rugby development workshop. Together, these skills can foster a powerful and cohesive rugby team that can compete internationally.

Cultivating Respect for Highlander Rugby

Tuisise also emphasized that respect for highlander rugby and its traditions should be encouraged alongside skill development. To him, a disciplined Fiji rugby player, who is well aware of the intrinsic traditions of highlander rugby, is an asset.

By uniting the essence of traditional rugby with a mastery of basic skills, the FRU is hopeful of forging a powerful and balanced Fiji rugby team that can compete at the highest level of international rugby.


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