Justice Ministry Launches Ambitious Digitalisation Project

The Ministry of Justice is set to digitalize all its records, aiming to streamline operations and enhance service delivery through the adoption of digital technologies.

This initiative was highlighted by Minister for Justice Siromi Turaga in response to the 2024-2025 National Budget Announcement.

Turaga stated that the Ministry has been allocated $100,000 for this project, which includes the groundwork for the digitalization of the Registrar of Titles. This effort will be supported by technical assistance from the Asian Development Bank and guided by a scoping consultant.

Additionally, the Ministry has been allocated $6 million for the next financial year. Turaga emphasized that this allocation underscores a significant commitment to upholding the rule of law and strengthening the foundational aspects of the nation’s legal framework.

He further added that this is a transformative leap in reinforcing justice, enhancing service delivery, and ensuring the rule of law across the nation.

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