John Rabuku’s Dramatic Exit: What Really Happened?

The Acting Director of Public Prosecutions John Rabuku received a revocation letter for his appointment as Acting DPP from the Office of the President yesterday.

Responding to Fiji One News, Rabuku stated that the revocation takes effect on July 11th.

He indicated that the timing of his departure from the Office of the DPP aligns exactly with his preferences, noting that this outcome is beneficial on multiple levels.

Rabuku mentioned that this timing has allowed him to coordinate the best exit strategy with the Judicial Services Commission, which is the Constitutionally mandated body for such decisions.

This timeframe has also given him the opportunity to address matters with the staff and top management of the office, ensuring a smooth transition of leadership to the new Acting DPP through a well-prepared handing-over brief.

Rabuku emphasized that the agreed terms of his exit enable him to leave the office with dignity, despite the circumstances.

He added that the Office of the DPP remains committed to prosecuting with transparency, fairness, courage, fortitude, and strength.

Rabuku assured that the office would continue its work even after his departure, highlighting that it is staffed by fair, intelligent, strong, and courageous prosecutors.

On his departure, Rabuku applauded the entire staff of the Office of the DPP, commending their dedication over the past nine months. He encouraged them to remain strong and committed, as their work is continuous.

Rabuku acknowledged that while the past week has been challenging, he appreciates the open and public debate on legal issues, the rule of law, integrity, and other matters from diverse perspectives.

He noted that the Supreme Court opinion had sparked global debate, particularly within Fiji’s diaspora.

To Rabuku, this signifies a vibrant democracy where everyone can openly voice their opinions without fear of reprisals.

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