Investigation Underway into Death of 11-Year-Old

Fiji Police Probes Death of an 11-Year-Old Child

The Fiji Police Force has launched an investigation into the recent death of an 11-year-old boy. The deceased, whose name has not been disclosed yet, was a resident of Kalabu, Nasinu, according to the Fiji Police spokesperson.

Discovery of the Incident

The reported death came to light when the boy’s father made a concerning visit to the Valelevu Police Station. He informed the officers that his son was found lifeless in his bedroom on the day of the incident. Following this, a police team was dispatched to the boy’s residence where the tragic incident occurred.

Investigation UnderWay

The cause of death of the 11-year-old remains a mystery. In response, the Fiji Police is carrying out a detailed exploration of the circumstances surrounding the tragic event. The spokesperson for Fiji Police disclosed that they are treating the case as a sudden death for now until further investigations can provide more clarity. An official statement will be released to the public once more information becomes available.

The Autopsy Report

To aid in the investigation, an autopsy has been planned for the deceased boy. The results of this examination may hold the key to unraveling the cause of death. The family is eagerly awaiting the findings as they may shed light on what led to their child’s demise.

As the community reels from this unforeseen event, the force assures a thorough inquiry into this matter. The police call upon anyone with knowledge of the incident to come forward and assist in their investigation.

The Fiji Police Force is fervent in its commitment to bring justice to the case. They also encourage continual public vigilance to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every child in the community. They stress the importance of keeping an eye on children to prevent any unfortunate incidents such as this from occurring in the future.


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