Incredible Fan Support Ignites Flying Fijians!

FIJI Water Flying Fijians Coach Mick Byrne expressed his gratitude towards the loyal fans who have been supporting the team throughout their journey.

He credited the fans for being a source of motivation for the team, especially during their recent win against Georgia.

Byrne emphasized the importance of fan support and acknowledged the significant impact it has on the players’ morale.

He commended the fans for their unwavering dedication, mentioning the presence of blue flags in Georgia as a testament to the love the team receives from their supporters.

“I think our fans are awesome, they were there cheering us on in Georgia as well, seeing a lot of blue flags there so we know their love for the team,” Byrne said.

“It is truly a big motivation for the team from the crowd, and for our fans back home rest assured the boys are really training hard, they are going to do everything they can to put on a show you’re going to be proud of as they will take on the All Blacks side.”

Byrne extended an invitation to all fans, urging them to come out in numbers and create a vibrant atmosphere at the upcoming match in San Diego, California, in the US.

He also expressed his excitement about connecting with the Fijian community in San Diego, emphasizing the importance of unity and camaraderie among Fijian supporters.

The Flying Fijians are set to face-off against the All Blacks on July 20 in San Diego, with kick-off scheduled for 2:30 pm.

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