Government’s Plans Spark Concerns Over Civil Service Changes

The government’s plan to conduct a comprehensive review to streamline the Civil Service and manage the public sector wage bill has sparked concerns, according to Independent MP Faiyaz Koya.

Koya stated that this move could lead to increased migration. “Our young and educated staff might see this as too unstable and choose to leave, and that’s already happening,” he said.

He criticized the government for not addressing several critical issues, including the anticipated slowdown in tourism, the worsening skills shortage, high immigration rates, improved business climate, and climate change issues.

Koya also alleged that the government has failed to support the MSME sector effectively. “The 16-year calculation of economic growth is incorrect. The MSME sector, which drives growth for any country, has been stifled for the past 18 months. Talk to shopkeepers, and they’ll tell you we’re not prepared for the challenges ahead,” he said.

The MP also condemned what he termed the greatest deceit in water management, where the parliament previously granted tax-free incentives to water bottling companies, only to later impose a significant tax increase. “Local water companies now face a five-cent tax instead of a one-cent tax, a 500 percent increase. The government gave with one hand and slapped them with the other,” Koya added.

Due to these concerns, Koya did not support the budget.

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