Government to Introduce Code of Conduct Legislation for Members of Parliament

Attorney-General Graham Leung plans to seek Cabinet’s approval to initiate the drafting of legislation for a code of conduct for members of parliament.

Section 149 of the Constitution mandates a Code of Conduct for leaders, including Ministers and Members of Parliament.

Leung recalled that the Code of Conduct Bill 2016 (Bill No. 22 of 2016) was introduced and read twice in Parliament in 2016. However, the Bill, which was referred to the Standing Committee of Justice, Law, and Human Rights, lapsed when Parliament was dissolved while it was still under review.

Leung emphasized the Government’s constitutional obligation to implement Section 149.

He noted that Codes of Conduct are already in place within the public service and many private sector organizations.

“As far back as 1996, the Reeves Commission, whose efforts led to the 1997 Constitution, recommended an Integrity Code akin to a Code of Conduct. This was intended to prevent national leaders from using their office for personal gain,” Leung said.

“A Code of Conduct is vital for the integrity system of Government. It promotes ethical behavior, reduces risks to government integrity, and enhances the effectiveness of Parliament as the highest political institution.”

Leung believes that this initiative will enhance transparency and public accountability among leaders, thus strengthening public trust in the government.

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