Government Initiates Review Sparking Alarm in Civil Service

Independent MP Faiyaz Koya has raised concerns about the Government’s plan to conduct a comprehensive review of the Civil Service and manage the public sector wage bill. Koya believes this move will lead to increased migration, particularly among younger, educated workers who may view the situation as unstable and seek opportunities elsewhere.

Koya criticized the Government for failing to address several key issues, including a projected slowdown in the tourism sector, a worsening labor skill shortage, high immigration rates, improved business climate needs, and climate change challenges. He also pointed out that the Government has not provided adequate incentives for the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector, which he describes as the driving force behind national economic growth.

He argued that the Government’s 16-year economic growth calculations are flawed and that the MSME sector has been hindered over the past 18 months. According to Koya, small business owners across the country are doubtful about their readiness to face upcoming economic challenges.

Koya also took issue with the recent changes in tax policies affecting the water bottling industry. He highlighted that while water companies were given tax-free status in the last budget, they are now facing a significant tax increase from one cent to five cents, which he argues is a 500 percent hike. He characterized this as a deceptive move by the Government, which initially provided tax relief only to revoke it shortly after with a substantial tax increase.

Due to these grievances, Koya stated that he did not support the budget.

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