Fulfilling Dreams: From Rugby Fields to Childhood Aspirations

**Childhood dream!**

Reflecting on Joji Nasova’s story, “Fiji 7s flyer lives childhood dream in France”, I was inspired by the notion that “Nothing is impossible. It’s all in the mind.” Joji’s journey is a testament to the fact that dreams can be realized through hard work, commitment, and determination. His performance on the HSBC SVNS WRSS circuit has been commendable, and it’s no surprise he made the cut. Joji’s energy and passion on the field are incredible, and it’s heartening to see his efforts being rewarded. To Joji, I say: you’re close to achieving your childhood dream. Wearing the national jumper is a dream for every Fijian, and you are no exception. Well done, Joji!

Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam
Nadawa, Nasinu

**7s magic**

The journey to a third Olympics gold medal for our 7s team is unfolding. Achieving this feat would make us immortals in the sport. Every competing team will aim to dethrone Fiji, but seeing Fiji win gold again would be momentous. The best players are being assembled, strategies are in place, and coaches are working hard. Fiji must remain composed and focused, believing in our sevens magic. Hard work, determination, and sacrifice should guide us, keeping the legacy of Sir Ben Ryan alive. Keep pushing, boys, and show them how it’s done!

Shalwyn Prasad
Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva

**FNPF’s duty**

Thank you, Finance Minister Professor Biman Prasad, for restoring our pensions from August 1, 2024. We’re grateful, but there’s still the matter of pensions from 2011 to 2024. The FNPF board and management must address this issue head-on, not hide behind legal excuses. Restore our funds – it’s the right thing to do.

Norman Yee
Martintar, Nadi

**Those complaints**

Ronnie Chang’s issues with unclaimed bodies in mortuaries could be addressed practically. Instead of constant complaints, he could offer plots at Enamanu Cemetery for dignified burials. It’s time for action, not just talk. Also, Ronnie, with the rising costs you mention, have you altered your consumption habits?

Jan Nissar
Sydney, Australia

**Thank you**

Watching the young ones at Navesi kindergarten perform for Assistant Minister Sakiusa Tubuna during Early Childhood Education week was heartwarming. Their cultural presentation reflects the positive upbringing and respect instilled by parents, teachers, and the community. This performance by Navesi’s future leaders gives hope for a better tomorrow. Kudos to everyone involved!

Areki Dawai
Maharaj Pl, Suva

**Fiji police**

Sailasa Boteanakadavu, chairman of the Kadavu Crime Prevention Committee, has called for more police officers in the province. With the Police Commissioner planning to expand the force to 7,000 officers, can we get statistics on current officer distribution across urban, rural, and maritime areas?

Anthony Sahai
Levuka, Ovalau

**Opposition MPs**

I commend the opposition MPs for their courage and dedication to moving the country forward. Their independent stance, similar to the Coalition Government’s setup, shows their commitment to important issues. Let’s continue striving together for the betterment of Fiji and Rotuma.

Tukai Lagonilakeba

**FNPF pensioners**

Agreeing with Raj Kumar’s call, I urge the Finance Minister to reconsider the situation of former FNPF members who partially withdrew funds. With the rising cost of living, these members need support. There may be a limited number in this category, but their needs are urgent.

Chandrika Prasad
Waila, Nausori

**Mastering potholes**

Potholes repaired during road maintenance often get damaged again during adverse weather. Can the authorities come up with a solution to repair potholes effectively, ensuring they remain intact regardless of conditions?

Shamal Chand
Kuku Bau Rd, Nausori

**Rigged at the post**

I’ve experienced issues with parcel deliveries, paying for air freight only to have items shipped by sea. By the time the package arrives, it’s often damaged. The system seems flawed and needs addressing to prevent such mishaps.

Samu Railoa

**Nine more**

With nine former FijiFirst members supporting the Prime Minister, creating nine additional ministries could be beneficial. More deputy PM roles could also be considered. This new unity and extra hands could further boost Fiji’s progress.

Jan Nissar
Sydney, Australia

**Prof Yash Ghai**

While discussing Fiji’s voting system, I agree with Daniel Fatiaki’s suggestion that the constitution needs not just amendments but a complete replacement. Perhaps starting with the Ghai constitution, if any copies were saved, could be beneficial.

Terry Hulme
Russell St, NSW, Australia

**No cashier**

A supermarket was open but couldn’t operate due to the absence of a cashier. Another organization couldn’t accept payments as their cashier left early. These instances highlight operational inefficiencies that need addressing.

Dan Urai

**Lest we forget Levuka**

Levuka has faced neglect, and there’s hope for change with the new government. The state of the wharf, lack of a mortuary, and poor road conditions are pressing issues. The town needs attention to restore its former glory. Tourism potential, heritage status, and connectivity issues must be prioritized to uplift Levuka.

John and Marilyn Milesi
Levuka Homestay

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