Fiji’s New Fast Ferry Revolution: Unveiling Yasawa Flyer III

Fiji’s largest and fastest ferry, the Yasawa Flyer III, is set to begin operations next year. The 320-seat ferry was custom-made to meet the rising demand, according to South Sea Cruises Group (SSCG) CEO, Brad Rutherford.

Rutherford announced the multimillion-dollar investment at the Asia-Pacific Hotel Industry Conference and Exhibition Fiji Investment in Tourism Summit, held at the Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa in Denarau. The 30-meter fast ferry will serve routes to and from the Yasawa Islands, enhancing support for resort partners and local communities.

“Yasawa Flyer III will also be the first fast ferry in Fiji equipped with a full active ride control system, which can reduce roll in moderate-rough seas by up to 40 percent,” Rutherford stated. “Like all SSCG fast ferries, Yasawa Flyer III will feature modern navigational and safety equipment, reliable Wi-Fi through Starlink internet, and GPS technology to provide passengers with real-time trip and destination information.”

The SSCG has contracted the renowned design and build company, Aus Ships Group in Brisbane, to deliver the custom-designed ferry by mid-2025.

Rutherford expressed excitement about bringing the ferry to market after extensive design, planning, and effort over the past year. He also highlighted the significant benefits for the people of Yasawa and reaffirmed SSCG’s confidence in Fiji’s and the Yasawa Islands’ future growth.

The Yasawa Flyer III, with a 33 percent increased capacity over Yasawa Flyer II, continues the SSCG tradition of making the bow accessible for passenger viewing. Despite the advancements in hybrid and battery technology, it was not viable for the long travel distances required at speeds of 22 knots. Therefore, SSCG has chosen the most fuel-efficient and technologically advanced machinery to power the Yasawa Flyer III.

This investment underscores SSCG’s long-term commitment to the Yasawa Islands, which have been integral to its business for the past 25 years, ensuring continued dedication for the next quarter-century.

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