Fiji Museum and Grand Pacific Hotel Cement Relationship with MOU Signing

Fiji Museum and Grand Pacific Hotel Enter into a Memorandum of Understanding

To strengthen the cultural heritage of the Fijian community, the Fiji Museum and the Grand Pacific Hotel have recently entered in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This new partnership agreement focuses on the joint hosting of cultural events, heritage management training, and other related cultural heritage activities.

New Partnership to Boost Cultural Heritage

After signing the MOU, the chairperson of the Fiji Museum Board, Turaga na Ratu ni Noikoro Ratu Isoa Damudamu, commented on the significance of the partnership. He noted that the agreement is a crucial step in the right direction towards cementing the relationship between the two institutions.

Collaborative Efforts in Promoting Fijian Culture

As part of the agreement, the two organizations will jointly host cultural events all through the year. More so, both institutions have pledged to work together in efforts to promote and preserve the intangible cultural heritage of Fiji, alongside attracting more tourists to the nation.

Cultural Heritage Training & Expertise Sharing

To further strengthen this partnership, the Grand Pacific Hotel will offer its conference facility for regular professional development courses hosted by the Fiji Museum. This initiative will facilitate the capacity building within the Fiji Museum and the country’s cultural sector as a whole.

Future Plans for the Partnership

The partnership anticipates an investment in the development of sustainable tourism in Fiji. The promotion of cultural heritage and the beautification of Suva will be top priorities. Other milestones will include improving the visibility of the Fiji Museum and enhancing cultural harmony within Fiji’s communities.

This collaboration is a positive advancement towards the promotion of Fijian culture, the expansive development of the nation’s heritage, and an increase in sustainable tourism.