Fiji Minister Applauds Minimum Wage Boost

The Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Agni Deo Singh has lauded the newly announced minimum wage increase, contrasting it with the previous government’s shortcomings in this area.

Speaking in Parliament, Singh emphasized the dedication required to raise the minimum wage rate by 25 percent in the new budget.

“The previous government took five years to increase the minimum wage rate from $2.68 to $4.00. Our government has managed to increase it by 25 percent in just two years,” Singh stated.

He also noted that the 10 sectorial wages would be increased by the same amount.

Singh highlighted one of the notable points in the new budget: the allocation of 9.2 million dollars towards the Vatukoula Mine strike. Each of the 368 mining workers will receive $25,000.

“We have significantly impacted the lives of 368 families in Vatukoula who were affected by the 1991 strike. They will receive $10,000 in the coming budget and an additional $10,000 the following year,” Singh said.

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