Fiji Diaspora’s Political Hurdle: Dual Citizenship Dilemma

Despite residing in Australia for over five decades, Lois Tanumi’s heart remains firmly in Fiji.

Driven by a profound love for her homeland, Tanumi joined SODELPA in 2019, eager to contribute to Fiji’s political landscape with her extensive knowledge and experience.

However, her ambitions faced a significant setback due to a decree in the Constitution. This law mandates that candidates reside in Fiji for three years and disallows dual citizens from contesting elections.

“I cannot stand for the election because I am a dual citizen. This decree is a significant barrier for diasporas who want to contribute to Fiji,” Tanumi stated.

She believes that Fiji needs the expertise and support of its diaspora to counter the brain drain and enhance the country’s socio-economic conditions. Tanumi passionately advocates for the removal of restrictions on dual citizenship, describing them as harmful to Fiji’s progress.

“Fiji needs people like me, diasporas, to come back and share our knowledge,” she emphasized.

She urged the Government to promptly amend these restrictive policies.

“I live well in Australia, but my heart is always in Fiji. I have a great love affair with this country, and I only want to come back home and give back,” Tanumi said.

Mrs. Tanumi remains hopeful that the policies will be changed, allowing her to stand in the 2026 election.

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