Fiji 7s National Program Welcomes Back Baber as Manager

Gareth Baber Makes a Comeback As Fiji 7s National Program Manager

In an exciting development for Fiji’s sport, Gareth Baber will be making his return in a pivotal role as the National Program Manager for Fiji 7s.

Gareth Baber: Experienced Leadership for Fiji 7s

Fielding a dynamic track record, Baber’s leadership has previously spearheaded Fiji 7s to numerous victories. His onslaught on the rugby scene is awaited with bated breath by fans, team members, and the administration alike.

Preceding Achievements and New Responsibilities

Under his previous term, Baber’s expert guidance, commitment, and leadership tactics were instrumental in gaining Fiji 7’s some of their most prominent wins. As the National Program Manager, he will be in charge of the Men’s and Women’s rugby department. In addition to this, he will also be responsible for the development of age-grade rugby in Fiji.

A New Track in Fiji’s Rugby Trajectory

Gareth Baber’s return heralds a new era for Fiji 7s. His intensive experience across a range of supporting roles makes him a fitting candidate to take up the mantle. With his appointment as the National Program Manager, expect Fiji’s rugby outlook to escalate to new heights.

Fighting Odds: Carving a Niche in the Global Rugby Landscape

In a global scenario marred by the pandemic, Baber’s comeback will further strengthen Fiji’s stand in the international rugby domain. With his strategic approach and hard-line tactics, the national team rugby spark is expected to achieve greater milestones under his mentorship.

Fiji Rugby: Strengthening Bonds with the National Team

Fiji Rugby CEO, John O’Connor suggested that Baber’s return will bolster the already strong ties between the management and the national team. This move is expected to foster continued growth and competitiveness for Fiji rugby at the global level.

Fiji’s upcoming rugby season, thus, waits with anticipation for what Gareth Baber’s return as National Program Manager will unlock. Undoubtedly, this path sets the stage for Fiji’s steady stride on the global rugby landscape.


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