Family Home in Flames: Heartbreaking Incident Unfolds

Bimlesh Chand was informed about a house fire in his area, only to discover that the fire was at his own home. Watching the blaze at Jittu Estate, Chand and his wife Shalini Prasad were heartbroken, as 13 years of memories flashed before their eyes.

Chand’s cousin, Ashika Nand, recounted that her brother was the only one present when the fire broke out. “My brother smelled smoke and opened the door to the middle room,” she said. “He saw flames and then heard an explosion, likely caused by the television.”

Nand mentioned that her brother sustained burns while trying to put out the fire. She explained that one part of the house was occupied by her parents and brother. In another room, Chand lived with his wife and two children, while a third room was rented to a Fijian lady.

Nand added, “I don’t know the value of this house since it has been in our family for generations. We have lived here since childhood but gradually moved out over time.”

Police officers and the National Fire Authority were present at the scene to investigate the incident.

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