Family Home Destroyed in Tragic Fire: Memories Up in Flames

Bimlesh Chand was informed about a house fire in his area, only to discover it was his own home ablaze. Thirteen years of memories flashed before him as he watched his house at Jittu Estate engulfed in flames.

Mr. Chand and his wife, Shalini Prasad, were devastated as they reflected on the cherished moments they had in their home.

According to Mr. Chand’s cousin, Ashika Nand, 40, her brother was the only one present when the fire began. “My brother smelled smoke and got up to open the door to the middle room,” she recounted. “When he opened it, he saw flames. There was an explosion from that room, which I believe was caused by the television.”

In his attempt to extinguish the fire, her brother suffered burns. “In one part of the house, my mom, dad, and my brother lived,” she said. “In another room lived my cousin brother, his wife, and two kids, while the third room is rented to a Fijian lady.”

Nand noted that the house’s value was unknown as it had been in the family for generations. “We have lived here since childhood, gradually moving out over time,” she added.

Police officers and National Fire Authority officers were also at the scene.

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