Excitement Sparked at Vanuabalavu Expo!

Women from the village of Mavana in Vanuabalavu, Lau, were filled with excitement as they showcased their handicrafts on the second day of the Vanuabalavu Expo.

After a year of preparation and planning, the women of Mavana displayed their woven mats, baskets, fans, and several other handicrafts.

Speaking on behalf of the women at the expo, Mere Nasi said they were eagerly anticipating the event.

“There are eight of us from Mavana Village who are here, and we are lucky to participate in this expo because this type of function is often held in Suva, but this time it is held in Vanuabalavu,” Mrs. Nasi said.

“On the first day of the expo, before the boat from Suva arrived in Vanuabalavu, we managed to earn $500 from just selling food parcels alone.

“On the second day, we hope to sell more handicrafts such as mats, baskets, hats, and more.”

She mentioned that once the date of the expo was confirmed, the women of Mavana began their preparations.

“Especially the mats, which take long to make, we decided to start weaving mats early last year while the others worked on other handicraft products,” Ms. Nasi said.

“All of us worked together to participate in this expo because we see the benefits it brings towards our women and families.”

Revenue earned from the expo will contribute to the formation of the Vanuabalavu Women’s Club.

Ms. Nasi added that each woman would contribute $5 each day of the expo towards the formation of the association.

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