Empowering Pacific Communities: Strengthening Disaster Resilience

World Vision has teamed up with local organizations to launch a pioneering disaster management workshop from July 15-19 this year.

The workshop, themed “Making Waves, Rising Together: Amplifying Locally-Led Humanitarian Action for a Resilient and Sustainable Future,” aims to empower local responders in the Pacific’s most vulnerable areas to better serve children and communities.

The Pacific region faces significant climate, economic, and environmental challenges such as rising sea levels, cyclones, droughts, and ocean acidification, which threaten the well-being of children, families, and communities.

Sarah Bearup, World Vision’s Chief Operating Officer for South Asia Pacific, emphasized their commitment to the Blue Pacific 2050 Strategy, highlighting the importance of local partnerships in developing solutions tailored to the Pacific’s unique challenges.

Addressing climate change in the Pacific requires integrated approaches that enhance resilience to climate impacts and promote sustainable development. Strengthening disaster preparedness and investing in climate-resilient infrastructure are crucial for safeguarding the future of Pacific communities amidst ongoing climate challenges worldwide.

World Vision’s partner organizations in this initiative include Medical Services Pacific (MSP), Live & Learn Environmental Education, Kiribati Women and Children’s Support Centre (KWCSC), and Samoa Victim Support Group (SVSG).

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