Empowering Namosi’s Youth: A Vision for the Future

The Tui Levuka, Ratu Etonia Seru, has called upon the Namosi Provincial Council to instill Christian values and support education in the development of the province’s youth.

During a council meeting at The Pearl Hotel in Pacific Harbour on Friday, Ratu Seru emphasized that basic biblical teachings would aid the younger generation in navigating an unpredictable future.

“I urge members of this meeting to discuss more ways to strengthen education and Christian values in our younger generation,” said Ratu Seru. “When they are equipped with education and Christian values, we can expect a better and brighter tomorrow.”

Ratu Seru highlighted the rise in drug abuse incidents, stressing the need for collaboration between the Government, the church, and the vanua.

“It is concerning when our children are involved, and I am positive the meeting will come up with ways to alleviate the issue of drugs,” he said.

He also encouraged participants to explore ways to improve rural livelihoods, emphasizing the need for discussions that align with evolving developments to positively impact villages.

“Don’t wait for the government’s assistance to come to you. Your traditional resources are available, utilize them well.”

Ratu Seru further urged the province to establish financial accounts to support women and children.

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