Empowering Fiji’s Future: A Vision for Sustainable Growth

Investing in digital infrastructure, trade enhancement, empowering local businesses, and food safety means Fiji is setting the stage for sustainable development and prosperity.

These strategic initiatives will drive job creation, attract foreign investment, and foster innovation across all sectors, said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade and Communications Manoa Kamikamica.

He added that this would position Fiji as a leader in the global economy.

Kamikamica made these comments during the 2024-2025 National Budget debate in parliament, noting the review of the Trade Standards and Quality Control Act (TSQCA) 1992. He disclosed that the ministry is reviewing the TSQCA 1992 and the National Trade Measurement Act (NTMA) 1989.

The ministry received $1.4 million for the Department of National Trade Measurement and Standards, reinforcing their commitment to improving quality infrastructure systems.

“Developing standards for building materials, design, and electrical appliances will continue into the next financial year, along with the creation of a Standards e-Learning portal and a three-to-five-year National Standardisation Strategy,” Mr. Kamikamica said.

He emphasized that standards and metrology ensure the safety and quality of goods and services in the country.

“Our commitment to these transformative efforts will pave the way for a resilient and thriving future for all Fijians. Together, we will forge a legacy of progress and prosperity that will be felt for generations to come.”

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