“Duavata Crime Prevention Carnival Contestants to Speak Out Against Drugs”

Most of the contestants for the week-long Northern Duavata Crime Prevention Carnival will be advocating against drugs, according to carnival committee president Satish Kumar.

Speaking at the carnival’s launch, Kumar highlighted the importance of awareness about the dangers of drugs, emphasizing that a lack of understanding could lead to losing loved ones.

“Recently, I spoke with a doctor at St Giles Hospital who mentioned a rising number of drug abuse cases being admitted for rehabilitation,” Kumar said.

He stressed that raising awareness about illicit drugs is a communal responsibility, not just that of the police.

“It is the duty of the community, guardians, parents, and children to raise awareness,” he added.

Kumar urged the community to confront the drug issue, describing it as a serious problem affecting society.

“Throughout the week-long carnival, contestants will deliver key messages about the fight against drugs,” he stated.

The carnival will feature seven queen contestants competing for the Miss Duavata Northern Crime Prevention title from this Friday to next Saturday at Subrail Park in Labasa.

In addition to the queens, there are also three kings, six princesses, and five teens participating in their respective categories.

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