Drug Crisis Uncovered: Urgent Action Needed

The escalating drug crisis in Fiji has become a significant concern, according to Opposition Member of Parliament and former police commissioner Ioane Naivalurua. He questioned whether the efforts of the police and government are sufficient to tackle the issue.

Naivalurua proposed the formation of a joint parliamentary committee to evaluate the implementation and progress of the National Narcotics Counter Strategy. In response, Minister for Home Affairs Pio Tikoduadua expressed his support for this idea, highlighting the emotional importance of the issue for him.

“This is a very important and emotional issue for me,” Tikoduadua stated. “We need help, and we need to fix this. We are committed and passionate about addressing this issue.”

Tikoduadua emphasized the government’s dedication to creating a safer environment for all Fijians by eliminating the threat of illicit drugs. However, Naivalurua pointed out that despite efforts such as establishing the narcotics bureau, drugs remain easily accessible on Fiji’s streets.

“I ask the police and Government, does our effort match the crisis?” Naivalurua questioned. He stressed the need for adequate funding for the counter-narcotics strategy and scrutinized whether the measures outlined in the strategy would effectively disrupt drug flow and usage.

Naivalurua also raised concerns about whether the strategy sends a strong message to drug syndicates and fosters a nationwide movement to combat the issue. He called for a vigorous and immediate response to the drug problem, demanding proactive and precise actions rather than bureaucratic measures.

Both Naivalurua and Tikoduadua acknowledged the severity of the drug crisis and the necessity for collaborative and robust efforts to tackle it effectively.

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