Developing Critical Thinkers: Advice for Young Minds

Children need to be developed into critical and analytical thinkers who are not passive and reactive, says Assistant Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister Sakiusa Tubuna.

While celebrating Early Childhood Week at Navesi Primary School in Delainavesi, Lami, Mr. Tubuna highlighted the importance of instilling fundamental morals such as love, honesty, respect, trust, and civic pride in our future generations.

Recognising the increasing challenges of the modern world, Mr. Tubuna said there was a need for early intervention in children’s education.

He called for a focus on nurturing children’s abilities to spark innovation and creativity, helping them realise and maximise their potential.

“We need to guide our children to fully realise their God-given potential and talents,” Mr. Tubuna said.

He encouraged the youngsters to take ownership of their roles as leaders and urged teachers, parents, and guardians to continue being beacons of hope and to invest in children’s futures.

“Never give up on them; these gifts from God will one day lead our beloved Fiji.”

The assistant minister also reminded educators of their crucial role as facilitators of knowledge, warning against acting as gatekeepers.

“Whatever you model, whether good or bad, these children will absorb it too,” the assistant minister said.

The theme of this year’s ECE celebrations is “Igniting Creativity and Innovation in the Early Years: From Passion to Action.”

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