Demonstrate Your Worth: Kolinisau

Osea Kolinisau Encourages National Rugby Sevens Team To Prove Themselves

Olympics gold medalist Osea Kolinisau has challenged Fiji’s national rugby sevens team to prove their abilities and potentials. Kolinisau was the captain of the team that won the gold medal at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Emphasis on Team Building and Unity

The rugby icon focused on the importance of unity and brotherhood within the team and expressed his belief that these strong bonds would aid in the team’s performance. Kolinisau urged the national team to work in harmony, reminding them of the Fijian rugby tradition which emphasizes unity, perseverance, and devotion to surpass expectations.

Remembering Past Successes

Kolinisau pointed out how previous teams under his captainship reflected the tradition by leading Fiji to victory globally, including at the Olympics. The former captain emphasized the great power that lies in unity, frequently the defining factor in the team’s past successes.

Kolinisau’s Expectations

Asserting his faith in the current team, Kolinisau doesn’t regard them as underdogs in the upcoming tournaments. He stressed that the players have had top-notch preparation and are ready to compete at the international level. He explained that all the team needs for a winning run is to consolidate their strength and potential into action on the field.

In Comparison to the 2016 Team

Despite the high standards set by the 2016 team, Kolinisau believes that the current team possesses the potential to match or even surpass it. He cautioned, however, about the need for complete dedication, commitment, and hard work to achieve positive results. This will also require an ample display of skills, technical knowledge, and strict adherence to the disciplined approach of the game.

Ultimately, Osea Kolinisau’s message to Fiji’s national rugby team is to keep their focus on unity and dedication, using these as fuel to propel themselves to new victories in the international arena.


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