Decline in Female Participation in Fiji’s Workforce

Fiji’s Workforce Exhibits Gender Disparity

Fiji currently sees an apparent disparity in its workforce. According to Maria Doton, the President of the Business and Professional Women’s Federation of Fiji Islands, there are fewer women in the country’s workforce as compared to men.

The Gap in Numbers

In a recent research study conducted by Dr. Jiko Luveni, the disparity became glaringly apparent with only 31% of women making up the Fijian workforce. This significant gender gap brings the issue of gender inequality in the country to the forefront.

Focus on Gender Equality

When speaking on the panel at the FDB National Women’s Expo, Maria Doton emphasized the importance of gender equality. The long-time advocate has been working tirelessly towards prompting more women to participate in the labor market. Doton is hopeful that through gender equality, the Fijian economy can become more dynamic and progressively equal in its engagement of both genders.

Obstacles to Equality

According to Doton, one of the main reasons preventing women’s full participation in the workforce is the established culture where women are typically designated as responsible for household management. This often leaves women with fewer opportunities for employment outside their home.


Unaisi Kuruleca, an independent consultant who specializes in gender issues, added to the discussion by making a recommendation. She advised the need for flexible working arrangements and policies, enabling women to balance their work and family responsibilities. This kind of policy change could allow for a more inclusive and diverse employment landscape in Fiji.

Entity’s Support

Along with the recommendations, the entities that form the Business and Professional Women’s Federation are excited to support women. They aim to assist women who wish to start and scale their businesses, in addition to those wanting to contribute to Fiji’s workforce.

Future Direction

There is a shared belief that gender equality in Fiji’s workforce could contribute significantly to the national economy and the overall development of the country. By fostering an environment that encourages women’s participation in the workforce, Fiji could yield impressive economic returns and societal benefits.


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