Cultural Development Plans Unveiled in Fiji

On July 5, 1993, The Fiji Times reported on the government’s plans to establish a cultural center in Suva, as revealed by then Culture Minister Ratu Jo Nacola. He emphasized that creating a national auditorium for cultural activities would demonstrate the ministry’s dedication to Fiji’s cultural enrichment.

Speaking at the Fiji Indian Cultural Centre’s event “Sitron ki Shaam” at the Suva Civic Centre on July 3, Ratu Jo highlighted the significance of reinforcing traditional cultures of various ethnic groups on a national level. He also held the portfolios of Women, Social Welfare, and Multi-Ethnic Affairs.

Ratu Jo stressed the necessity of maintaining peace and political stability in Fiji. “We should be proud of our achievements as a multi-ethnic community and actively participate in the country’s development,” he said. “Our goal should be to work unitedly for the nation’s betterment and future generations.”

He underscored Fiji’s unique multi-racial and multi-ethnic identity and the pressing need for cultural centers in the country. The Indian Culture Centre was set to open another facility in Ba on July 17.

“We are entering a new era of cultural development, and I’m pleased to closely collaborate with all of you in your endeavors,” Ratu Jo noted. He assured continued support from the Department of Multi-Ethnic Affairs through grants and other essential assistance to the Fiji Indian Cultural Centres.

Ratu Jo expressed that the essence of culture is conveyed through music, poetry, dance, and languages, which are vital for understanding its deeper aspects. “The Department of Multi-Ethnic Affairs and the Fiji Indian Cultural Centre should be able to facilitate this,” he stated.

The shows performed by the Fiji Indian Cultural Centre were lauded for their high standards. Students of the cultural center showcased Indian dances and songs during the “Sitron ki Shaam” cultural night.

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