Continuing Rain Warning in Effect for Fiji

Fiji Continues to Face Heavy Rain Warning

The Fiji Meteorological Service has sustained a heavy rain warning, indicating that the nation must still prepare for possible flooding. The alert includes all areas of Nausori, Rakiraki, and Suva, the vast part of the low-lying regions, and small streams running through these regions.

Further Increases in Sea Levels Expected

The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) has made it clear that, in addition to the continuous rain, Fiji’s sea levels are also projected to rise further. This is due to the high tide, which is expected to combine with the heavy rains resulting in instances of coastal flooding. The NDMO is raising awareness and urging communities to stay cautious and prepared for the looming danger.

Weakening Tropical Depression Yet to Reduce Rainfall

The Fiji Meteorological Service has explained that while the tropical depression to the west of Fiji is gradually losing strength, it has not substantially affected the persistent rainfall across the nation. Therefore, Fiji remains under the spell of heavy rain, and consequently, the heavy rain warning persists.

Preparatory Measure: Public Transport Re-routed in Several Areas

As part of the preparation and response to the continuing flood threat, the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) has re-routed public transportation in several areas, mainly due to the closure of numerous roads. While this has resulted in temporary inconvenience, it is a necessary step to keep the public safe and prevent disaster-related incidents.

Schools Remain Open Despite Heavy Rain Warning

Despite the prevailing conditions, educational institutions across Fiji are continuing to function. Parents, however, are urged to monitor weather reports and take precautions to ensure their children’s safety. They should assess the situation and make informed decisions on whether to send their children to school based on their proximity to flood-prone areas.


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